About Data Processing Service


Data Processing Service was founded by Jim Honea and started as a payroll processing company in 1979. In 1995 the ownership of the company was passed to his daughter, Lori Duke.

As the electronic era approached, the company felt the need to find a way to offer direct deposit services to the customers.

Signing up with many banks became cumbersome and inefficient. Being recommended to the Federal Reserve, the company qualified to apply for a Fedline connection.

After an extended approval process, the company was accredited with its own Fedline connection.


Data Processing Service has a very knowledgeable staff ready to assist the customers with any ACH needs they may have.

We have extensive payroll experience, and have spent many years becoming well versed in ACH operations.

Data Processing Service now operates under the Lori’s direct leadership, and has been continuosly showing growth rate of 15-50% per year with some years going as high as 300%.